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My First Ever Mock Draft...

Commander Adama

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This is my first one so be gentle. I know some of these guys may be reaches, plus the 2nd rounder for Ramsey, but I guess it's what I am hoping for.

2 – Nick Mangold (Ohio State, OC)


2 – Joe Klopfenstein (Colorado, TE) : [Potential Trade of Ramsey]


3 – Mike Haas (Oregon State, WR)


5 – Nate Salley (Ohio State, S)


6 – Jonathan Scifres (SW Missouri State, K)


6 – Tim Jennings (Georgia, CB/RT)


7 – Thomas Olmsted (Troy, P)


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And if we have two 2nd round picks and we pick a Offensive Lineman and a Tight End i will literally throw up on my tv and throw my tv out the window. Then throw fire crackers at it and yell "WHYYYYY JOE!!!!" all day long. We get 2 second rounder u can bet were gonna trade up to the first round. Or draft at wide reciever and a Tight End/Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Cornerback/Running Back/Offensive Lineman.

Love the Mike Hass pick. Ive wanted this guy forever. Though im not sure about the punter pick, you can probally sign a 6th-7th round punter in free agency. Jahri Evans from Bloomsburg could be a good fit there.

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