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Bring back Hasselback?


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what is the obsession with this guy, hes below average at best...

I think people tend to have an affenity toward players that were once skins would like to see them remain with the team or come back. I would like to have him back b/c he was once here too so I like him better than say some other career backup QB.

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I think he was a BIG reason that the Giants blanked us the first time around. Don't want him back.

Honestly I think Antonio Pierce had more to do with it but who really knows. All I know is that Pierce was TALKING about how he gave up some info, pointers, etc. He was bitter. I think Hasselbeck is a way better former 'Skin.

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It would be funny if he came back, and then his wife dumped him for Cooley (he's a player you know). It wouldn't do much good for the locker room but I wouldn't help but laugh. I guess then we'd be stuck with a mediocre backup. Naaah lets keep working on Campbell and maybe try to keep Ramsey.

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