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Southeast Jerome makes Wikipedia


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Go figure...


Southeast Jerome

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Southeast Jerome was a character created by Clinton Portis for use in a Washington Redskins press conference to liven up the usually trite and cliche conferences that had become commonplace. Southeast Jerome was known for saying that he's going to the big city (New York), he doesn't know what he's going to encounter, and that he had to "get his face right." SE Jerome's costume consisted of a black wig, a Lone Ranger mask, a black cape, gold teeth, and large, oversized yellow sunglasses. During the interview Portis (Jerome?) loses his composure numerous times, and begins to laugh uncontrollably (even knocking his glasses off of his head in the process).

After a loss to the New York Giants in which the Redskins failed to score, Portis came out in the attire of Dr. I Don't Know, announcing to the public that Southeast Jerome had died in New York.

The investigation into Southeast Jerome's death is still pending, but his angel has appeared to the press (accompanied by Macaroni Tony, Biggie Shortie, Sweet Feet Jenkins, and Johnny White Guy (Chris Cooley).

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']You guys do know that anyone can post to Wikipedia' date=' right?

In fact, I'd make a sizeable wager that someone from this board did, in fact, write that article.[/quote']Like I said earlier. In fact, any of you could go up there and edit that article. You could even add Clinton's other characters.

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That is great. My professor said I can't use Wikipedia as a source in my papers, so I'm gonna show him this. I guarantee Brittanica doesn't know Southeast Jerome, let alone his life dates.
:laugh: I'm sure your professor will LOVE Southeast Jerome. In fact, you should show up for class one day as S.E. Instant A!
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