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Poll:Has Bush really secured America?


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I will say no. Bush says the war in Iraq is fighting the terrorists there. Hmm- wasn't it today that 3 terrorists were arrested in Toledo, OH for conducting operations for terrorists in Iraq. Hell- even the terrorists are now outsourcing.

This port thing is a no brainer. No foreign company- Arab, Smarab, Russian, Chinese, British, etc.. should be running our points. How this occured is beyond me. No American Company exists to do this?

Our borders are a sieve, yet Bush wants cheap labor for his business corporate donors!

Racial profiling! Yes, I don't like it, especially since as a naturalized US Citizen- who's a Muslim; I would be profiled. I can live with it. I have nothing to hide. Muslims who live here have to realize that the nuts that live in Muslim world are ****ing things up. You can oppose the government's policies but if you support the terrorists then you are no different than them. To ease the fears, you show them you have nothing to hide. Hell- you should be voluntarly be for it. AS for discrimination- I think they are rememdies to fight that. It's sad it would have to come to this, but that's the way things are. Also, any Muslim or even non-Muslim who happens to look middle eastern/arab/indian/ etc... don't think they aren't being monitored already. Hell, I'm sure I've seen Bush spies watching me mown my lawn. Know they monitor my email and financial transaction- which suck! My dad sent a check for $200 to my cousin in N.C. for fixing his PC and it was put on hold-until the feds had more details on it.

Is it perfect- no! but I don't think this president has really done much, here in the homeland to make us secure!

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why did you even ask the question when you are so feverently sold on one answer to it? You should have just posted a rant.

Last I heard this was a discussion board. They are plenty of people here that are feverently on side of an issue. Doesn't mean there can't be discussion. This isn't just for tailgate- the regular Skins board has their own posters who believe in side. Ie the Ramsey vs Brunnell debate is an example of that!

Also- I am a pollaholic. I love polls! :laugh:

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he's right though......

it's like me posting a poll like this:

"Who you want to be our QB next season:"

Brunell our lord and savior


Ramsey the crappy bum

Stop judging him you Christian :).

The answer is no, Bush has not made America more secure, even his VP is shooting people.

It isn't Bush's fault because his administration is defining the severity of the problem. As a group, we now tend to view the world as very hostile towards the western way of life than we did a decade ago.

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I would have to say somewhere in between. I hate the Bush administration but the fact of the matter is, starting a war in Iraq does divert the terrorists attention over there so they are planning fewer attacks over here. That is the most selfish and wrong justification for getting 30,000 Iraqi women, men, children and babies killed, but in the context of this poll question, it's entirely relevent. It has helped secure the American mainland, but it cost 2300 American lives and counting to do so.

As for borders, we are still vulnerable and it boggles my mind that the Republican party gets all the credit for being tough on the border when it's election time yet they have done exactly squadoosh in the last five years to the secure it.

Our ports scare me regardless of this recent United Arab Emirates debacle. The majority of those containers are not screened or tested for WMD's from what I've gathered.

Airport security has improved under Bush.

Homeland security is monitoring the internet and phones more closely. I don't support warrantless wiretaps but I do support wiretapping anyone with three degrees or less separation from Al Qaida.

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