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hey everybody,

I've been here a long time, and I've been posting my cartoons here to great acceptance for a long time. Well, I wanted to let you guys know asbout our latest podcast, which is our best podcast yet.

Shannon is a young lady in here early 20s, and she's a radio producer. through various contacts she has friends rather high up the ladder with ESPN radio. Anyway, she was invited along at the last minute to go with the ESPN entourage to the Super Bowl.

She hung out with all the top names, went to all the best parties, got some inside dirt, watched the game with ESPN's top analysts in the ESPN luxury box.

And then she came and told us all about it.

I found it a hell of a lot of fun talking to her, and I thought she had some really interesting stories. (even if my mic was too loud)

Give it a listen. follow the link for The Bang Cartoon Radio Hour


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