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Madden Troubleshooting


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ive had those problems many times. Im not exactly sure how to solve it but if you are using a wireless bridge to connect then u need to unplug the bridge for 15 seconds then plug it back in. Also make sure ur bridge is set to infastructure and not Ad-hoc. Whenever it doesnt work for me my dad just comes down and fixes it. so theres some advice might not be much, but i try :)

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I've got your Madden troubleshooting guide right here:

1. Remove disc from game console (either XBox or PS2)

2. Locate garbage can

3. Insert Madden disc into the garbage can

4. Go to store, purchase NFL2k5 (make sure to buy appropriate version)

5. Place NFL2K5 disc into game console

6. Turn on console

7. Enjoy

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