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Who would you consider yourself like?!?!?!?


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If you could pick one player on the team that resembles you by personality or you feel that you play football similar to, who would it be?

When I'm playing football, everyone says I play with a style similar to Santana Moss, because of my speed, my height and weight. Most girls say I look like him. :laugh: And of all things, I'm not much of a trash talker on the field, I let my skills speak for itself, and if I mess up, I'll just try my best to go back and fix it.

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In the NFL I compare myself to Julian Peterson from the san fransisco 49ers, he can play cornerback and hes good at linebacker. Like me.

On the Redskins id have to say Marcus Washington becuase i have fun on the field and am good at outside linebacker. I never take anything that seriously unless its a critical play. Which is good cuase when i do take stuff seriously i usually over persue and miss the tackle most of the time.

My Role model has to be Shawn Barber from the Kansas City chiefs, he has my last name, lived where i lived, and played college for a very small college school named Richmond, you know the Richmond Spiders?, probally not lol. He also plays linebacker.

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