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Franchise/Transition tag numbers for 2006


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Per ESPN http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2338398

2006 Franchise/Transition Tenders

Here are the qualifying offers for "franchise" and "transition" players for 2006:

Position Franchise(a) Transition(a)

Quarterback $8.789 million $8.327 million

Defensive end $8.332 million $7.075 million

Linebacker $7.169 million $6.144 million

Offensive line $6.983 million $6.391 million

Wide receiver $6.172 million $5.160 million

Running back $6.085 million $5.153 million

Cornerback $5.893 million $4.774 million

Defensive tackle $5.656 million $4.463 million

Safety $4.109 million $3.592 million

Tight end $3.327 million $2.718 million

Kicker-punter $2.468 million $2.045 million

Notes: (a) The "franchise" qualifying offer equals the average for the five highest paid players at a position; (B) the "transition" qualifying offer equals the average for the 10 highest paid players at a position.

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