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I hope this post isn't too long. :helmet:

It's from my blog

You dance with the one that brung ya'

This is, perhaps the team's strongest and deepest position. Some would think that having a backup to Taylor is a major priority. The reason being that offenses, this past season, threw down the middle only when Taylor was injured, or so it would appear. Most old school guys would look at it this way, the opposing QB's had too much time to go downfield. A good pass rush would negate such a need. Less time to throw means less area to cover. This group plays well together, and punishes receivers whether Taylor is in the game or not.

And speaking of Sean Taylor, I am afraid the young man still has a lot of maturing to do, still he is a Redskin. And while we support him as a Skin, it must in no way be confused with condoning his behavior. Prayerfully, he will grow out of his penchant for thuggish behavior. Old folks believe that spitting on anyone is the lowest form of protest. In other words, too coin a phrase my mother used to use. It's just plain "common". We can only hope that these episodes of immaturity diminish as time advances.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In spite of four (Springs, Harris, Rogers, and Taylor) out of the top five defensive backs missing various amounts of time due to injury, this unit played extremely well. Literally, whoever was called upon rose to the occasion. These guys will, simply put, slap the snot out of ya! The staff has the entire group believing in the system. Prioleau, Stoutmire, and Jimoh were more than adequate in coverage and were downright " nasstty" when it came to run support. Jimoh is a testament to himself and the staff, to what hard work, attention to detail, and diligence can do. There were many fans(myself included) who wanted him to be among the first cuts every year. Now, I'm kinda glad he wasn't. I would like to take this time to personally apologize to the young man for, not what I've said, but what I have read.

Some days you get the Bear, some days the Bear gets you.

The backup DB's may have missed a play here and there but no more no less than anyone else. The fact is, that no one makes every single play. To want to replace someone because another is faster or taller than while ignoring hard work and improvement reveals, to some degree, the core values to which the individual subscribes. Joe Gibbs is not that individual. Some believe that Walt Harris should be released in order to save salary space. Even though he was never quite 100% healthy for most of the year, he gave it his all and was rarely out of position whenever he played. He plays hurt and he's smart, you don't punish that. For $2 million you might think you will get more, but "old folks" don't.

This is the point where prospective draft picks and the positions where they can be drafted is given. "Oldskin" won't even disrespect this group that way. If anything, bring in some undrafted free agent's to push this group and make them better. In other words "my guys are better than your guys". On a side note I am concerned about the long-term health of Rogers. He started the season hurt and was hurt towards the end. We can only hope that this is not a pattern.

A "well done" to the defensive backfield players and coaches.

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