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joe rogan on MYSPACE *FUNNY* possible NWS


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I'm a myspace whore.

There, I said it. I feel much better now.

I don’t know how it happened, but it’s official now. I’m on here all the time when I’m supposed to be doing other ****, and I’m obsessed with my friend count.

I answer hundreds of emails a day, many of them from very cool people, but many more from people that would lose a spelling bee to a ****ing toilet seat.

But I do answer them, as many as I can at least. I can never seem to be able to get them all, but I give as much free time to answering emails as I reasonably can. If you get a reply from me, however retarded it is, rest assured that it came from my fat fingers. I don’t have an assistant answering anything. I do it all myself.

What a fascinating place this is.

Filled with all types. It is really one of the most interesting ways to people watch ever, a sea of humans all electronically connected, and looking to communicate.

One of the interesting things about something like this myspace, is that you interact with SO many people. This is really what the internet is best at. Connecting so many different people that would never be connected otherwise. There’s something really fascinating about that. I think it’s important to realize that this has never happened ever before in the entirety of human history. Never have people been able to interact like this.

And with so many options. My friend Mayhem goes online with his sidekick phone and talks to people on myspace in the middle of a night club. I’m doing it right now on a tour bus in the middle of Mississippi with a cellular card that sticks right into the side of my laptop and gets me online in broadband speeds. The boundaries between people are dissolving by the hour.

Of course there’s lots of dumb **** that you have to filter through, but just like it is in real life™, there are cool things to be found if you just keep looking.

In the few months I’ve been on here, I’ve seen a full spectrum of all the different types of people. I’ve seen hundreds of the same profile pics; the animated Tyrone Biggums dancing, (By the way… do you have any ****ing idea how many times I’ve heard “there’s something you might not know about me, Joe Rogan – I smoke rocks?”

Before you post that, sift through the comments on my page and take a little look-see.

No need to add to that pile, really.)

-The picture of the retard with the “I **** on the first date” t-shirt, the little kid giving the finger, the cat with the machine gun, etc, etc.

More after the JUMP


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