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Assuming that Patrick is traded, which route do you go with another QB?


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Rookie? Old Vet? Younger guy who could be ready to grow up?

I'm just wondering how guys like Tim Couch and Akili Smith have found their way to not being on any NFL roster.

If the coaches are comfortable with Campbell as the #2, then what's the harm in grabbing one of these guys as a #3?

I'd think they'd love to be on a roster these days.

Just thinking of guys like Gannon and Maddox who needed to fail a lot before making a comeback. Nothing special.

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I think if we do trade Patrick we need to go after someone who is a quality backup, but also cheap. We already have a lot of money/capability locked up in Brunell and J.c. We just need a solid number three.

Though a lot of teams are now going with the two QB's on the active roster. That's an idea with our cap problems.

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