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Just a warning to everyone here. I just received a suspicious e-mail that looked like a paypal receipt. I looked at the e-mail and it said that I had purchased and item for $33 and some change and that this was my receipt.

I called paypal immediately and they told me not to click any links in the message and to forward it to spoof@paypal.com, and also to log in to paypal and change my password. I did all of this and I think that everything's fine now.

They told me that if I ever receive an e-mail that claims I've purchased something that I know I haven't, to follow all of the steps above. And to make sure that I DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS IN THE E-MAIL.

They said that a sure-fire way to tell if it's fake or not is if the e-mail uses your first and last name in the salutation. PayPal will always refer to you using your first and last name. The e-mail I received referred to me using my e-mail address.

Just letting everyone know.

Be careful!

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Never ever open an email from Paypal.

Just go to paypal and sign in, if it's legit, all the info will be there.

I've been phished thru Paypal scams thousands of times,, never caught once. If you get a suspicious receipt, or notification of address added to your account, or unauthorized access to your account, even a legitimate 'notification of payment received" etc. etc. etc

just leave them be.

If it has you worried, go sign in on paypal.. if the note is legit, the info will all be there. If someone sent you cash, it will show. I should say that for the thousands of emails claiming unauthorized access or payments being sent, none has ever come out to be true.

Paypal is pretty good with it's fraud monitoring.


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