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Whale Watching and some semi-okay pics


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Well, I went whale-watching for the first time today; the weather was overcast all day so the pics didn't come out as nice as I would have liked. Also, we were on shore, so kind of far away from the whales. Anyway, here are some pics I took. Enjoy!

EDIT: I should also add that these are Humpback Whales; they come to Hawaii in the winter to mate and give birth. I think what you're looking at in the pictures are babies, but I'm not sure.

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Where were you, Makapuhu?

Damn Sarge good guess. Just a little whale info: They come to Hawaii to have their calfs because of the lack of predator's and that they do not eat for the entire time they are here.

Also as a former sub sonar tech I can verify that they are EXTREMELY noisy and that during the months that they are here no submarine is allowed to launch exercise torpedo's if whales are in the area.

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