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Shouldn't we change our name?


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I don't know if this has been discussed before (I couldn't find anything when I searched), but shouldn't we change the name of our team? I think if it hasn't been changed yet it probably won't ever be, but the term 'Redskin'

is really offensive towards Native Americans. Just think about it. It's exactly the same as calling a team the Honkies, ******s, Mics, or whatever. I have one friend who has Native American roots and he is apalled that in a society in which race is such a tender subject this name is still allowed to be used. I know I couldn't imagine this team being called something else but I think it's time for change. Your thoughts? By the way just curious if the team was renamed what would you suggest it be called?

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Ok....because he's new....I'll repeat myself.....

On this site a guy mentioned a redskins history book speaking about the origin of our name.

Apparently....the 3-4 players and head coach that thought of a name WERE natives?!?!

How do you fight against that in court?......it wasn't bad then and I certainly didn't call anyone a "redskin" during highschool.....

this arguement is pointless yet annual ......

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In short: NO!!!

In a more explained version: NO!!! The term "Redskin" may have ment something back in the days of the Wild West. Now it is nothing more than a name for a football team. People never call Native Americans "Redskins". Although they were called savages, indians, or braves. Redskin actually refers to the term NATIVE AMERICANS used to describe the scalp of their victim which was taken by the white man to mean the scalp of a Native American. I have done research on this topic and many "experts" have the definition all wrong. A representative of the Hopi Nation actually informed me of this. He also told me that instead of making teams change their names, Native Americans should be honored by the naming of the team and take it as a way of preseving the heritage of their ancestors.

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