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Need some REDSKIN FAN help......PLEASE put in ur input....

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Well you already used the best Nelly song from "The Longest Yard" in your NFC Redskins video so...maybe AC/DC "Hells Bells" (they played it on ESPN Sunday Night football when introducing the defensive lineups) or I'm going a little old-school here "What's My Name" by DMX...or "Step Up" by Drowning Pool (really fast and ANGRY and the lyrics are pretty fitting of ST)...your videos are pretty silly though dude so just listen to some of these songs and see what you think is best, it'll probably be fine no matter what. For a Santana Moss video if you ever do another one of those I'd suggest Kanye West "Touch the Sky," don't know why but I think it would fit him pretty well...can't wait for the new vid...

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Crime Mob- Knuck if you Buck

Lloyd Banks- You Already Know

Young Jeezy feat Akon - Soul Surviver

***Lil John and the East Side Boys feat Lil Scrappy -

What U Gonna Do****

***Lil Scrappy - Head Bussa***

***Ludacris feat Mystical and I-20- Move B***h***

***P$C- Do Ya Thing***

***T.I- What You Know***

*** Young Buck feat T.I and Ludacris - Stomp (Remix)

There ya go dude . Theres a list to pick from. If I would pick one it would be the "Lil Scrappy - Head Bussa" song. T.I's song " What You Know " would also be a great song to use" Anyways .. just trying to help ... cant wait to see the video.

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