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Things Id rather do than cheer on the Cowboys


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I would rather cheer on the Cowboys than cheer on the Cowboys.
:whoknows: :whoknows:

Since everyone is listing the worst thing they can think of doing so they don't have to cheer on the Cowboys, I thought I'd carry the joke/statement out to its fullest, albeit most abstract, extention....

The worst thing I can think of doing is cheering on the Cowboys, so I would rather cheer on the Cowboys than cheer on the Cowboys.

aka I hate the Cowboys so much I would do anything, including cheering them on, to not have to cheer them on; I am that dedicated.....

$100 dollar SNL joke payouts can be mailed to my new African bank account, Care Of Mr. Naskar Dawi, the kind "barrister" who let me know about an inheritance from a horribly-killed South African oil magnate with my last name....

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Originally Posted by DaBoyz73

I really can't believe you guys would do half of the stuff that you say you would.

Dude, your sig is way too tall and in complete violation of the rules. I seriously recommend that you make it conform to acceptable standards before a mod locks your sig privileges.

And yes, I would saw my foot off with a rusty toaster before I’d root for your team. Believe it. :)

Get em' champ... moderators make sure that he gets his sig removed ASAP

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