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Lindsey Jacobellis


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They talked about this on PTI today

They said that on her final landing that she grabbed the board and that was what led to her big spill. At first she claimed that she had done it to help herself with the landing, but later she confessed that she did it to showboat like so many snowboarders are known to do :doh:

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Yeah, very disappointing. She pulled a Leon Lett and we have one less gold.

Apparently she was thinking about getting her Visa Check Card stolen.


she showboated on her run when she had the gold locked up and wiped out, she still got the silver though. serves her right, she should have finished right with out the showboat.

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so you can't see it?

No...haha?!?!?! Maybe I'll drive an hour and watch it in Maine...haha!

on a side note, is it just me or are the Torino medals really ugly?

I had this question posed to me last night...I like them, but it seemed like the general conception amongst my buddies was that they were appalling!

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