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Welcome to the board.

Your Avatar is not something you can change , it changes with your post count.

I think that you can go into your user settings and choose the "no Avatar display option though. Untill you up your post count you will be sporting the cheerleader.

Don't sweat it, just join into some conversations and befor you know it it will be gone.

Just don't try to up your post count by posting one word answers please, we like to blab around here.

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welcome, don't pretend that your a madden GM and make threads asking about trading for Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

That's a good one.

My best piece of advice is to search for a topic your thinking about posting. If it already exists, don't post it again.

Atleast you don't have the cheerleader picture representing who you are.

Oh yea, welcome to the board.

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I've seen people wiht pictures, or quotes under there message, how do i get one of those? For example, GunnyHud up at the top of the page has Gus ramming his head into the wall.

Click on quick links at the top of the page and edit signature. then find a picture on the net, copy the link, and click on the insert image (little yellow box) in edit sig page, paste the link and there ya go. Hope this helps.

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