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Actually, to be even plainer, it wasn't even a concession. The Redskins never actually asked us to alter anything content-wise. The 'Daily Babe' had long been a real pain in the rear-end for us to control - in fact on multiple occasions we absolutely lost control of it because guys refused to remain within pretty generous boundaries, and ignored our repeated requests to keep it reasonably decent.

The timing of our getting rid of the 'Daily Babe' was simply a function of our desire to draw to a close what had become a major pain for us to regulate, and it seemed the appropriate time to do it.

That being said, we aren't going down that road again anytime soon. :)

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I stand corrected..... :laugh:

Not really, you had the gist of it right...truth is, we didn't wait for them to comment on it. We'd about had it well before that and just didn't want to wait for it to get out of hand after the merger. So we did what we'd talked about doing many times previously.

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