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Sending Sam to Pasture?


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DCRTV hears that the Redskinswill almost certainly end up on one of Clear Channel's five DC FMers, probably oldies WBIG.

Also, DCRTV hears that Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgenson will definitely be calling the Redskins next season. Might Sam Huff be replaced by John Riggins or Rick "Doc" Walker in the radio booth? Stay tuned.....


Sad, but - to be honest - Sam has gotten a little loopy in recent years.

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Well that sucks if true... Was bad enough when they canned Frank, but now Sam??? Hell, why don't they just cut loose Sonny too and hire Len Pastabelly and Peter King to do color commentary w/ Larry. :doh:

I hear ya, it sucked when they dumped Frank, that was the OG crew! Now they are gonna send Sammy walkin papers!?! Thats rediculous, and I will stop listening. I used to turn the TV down on Gameday and turn those guys up. I loved how they were so in the Redskins corner every game. TV commentators all sound like they have bets against the Skins on Sundays, and Sonny, Sam, and Frank (later came Larry... Like when Shemp replaced Curley in the three stooges, it was good, but it just wasnt the same) all would get wrapped up in the games, just like everyone at my house watching. By the end of the game you could always tell who had been drinking. I dont think Sam was getting loopy as much as tipsey. Those guys were hillarious, part of a tradition, part of my Sunday church rituals. It will suck when they disband those guys even more.

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Key word there identifies this as speculation, not fact. And before someone chimes in with the 'where's there smoke' theory, I've got a question. What if Sam decides to retire?

Id be sad if he retired, but it would set well with me. If he left on his own terms, I could feel good about it, but to just cut him loose would sadden me.

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