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[img]ohioplottbeardog9xg.jpg[/img] Hi,

I don't know if you can help this guy. I was at Holmes Co. pound today in Millersburg, Oh. and this beautiful dog was there. He was an owner surrender; had too many dogs. He said that he was a Bear Plott Hound. My guess is that he weighs 80+ pounds. He is big and muscular. The man said that he had won several swimming competitions. Holmes Co. Ohio is a rural county with many Amish and all their "puppy mills." This dog has absolutely no chance. He is supposedly good with other dogs and seems to be a real sweetheart. If it could get any worse for this guy - Holmes Co. still gasses their dogs. If you have any suggestions or anyone that I should contact please let me know, I primarily rescue Jack Russells but have a BIG soft spot for these big old hounds. Please let me know.

Martha Leary

Star-Mar Rescue, http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/OH507.html

Wooster, Oh.


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looks like you have 2 tags on each side of the picture, you only need one.

Also... the tags only work for pictures on the web. If the picture is on your hard-drive, you'll have to attach the file. But you'll have to re-size first to ensure the image is less than 100 kb.

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SOme places let you sponsor the animal instead of taking it home. By sponsoring it you're just paying for it's food and some of it's expenses, which keeps them from putting it to sleep. Unfortunately with some shelters it's still not enough...they have too many dogs and not enough "cells", so the older ones have to be put down. This is not right...

Anyone know if this is possible here? I'd love to take him, but can't.

ALSO. There are alot of great shelters around this area, look into it. If you want to help the best thing you can do is to buy spay/neuter vouchers for these shelters.

I don't have a link, but just do a search for spay/neuter vouchers on Google.

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