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Team By Team Projected 2006 Cap Space (3/9/06)

Kevin West

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I'll be updating these figures as best I can. If anyone sees new figures, feel free to PM me with a link. (And by "figures" I DO NOT mean the "Daily Babe" variety.)

Numbers provided courtesy of AsktheCommish.com


1. Minnesota Vikings $34 M

2. Green Bay Packers $33.911 M

3. Cleveland Browns $31.5 M

4. Arizona Cardinals $31.5 M

5. San Francisco 49ers $28 M

6. San Diego Chargers $27.1 M

7. Chicago Bears $27 M

8. Philadelphia Eagles $26.5 M

9. Jacksonville Jaguars $24.6 M

10. Baltimore Ravens $21.9 M

11. St. Louis Rams $21.6 M

12. Seattle Seahawks $19.4 M

13. Cincinnati Bengals $19 M

14. Detroit Lions $19 M

15. Houston Texans $18.12 M

16. New Orleans Saints $18 M

17. Buffalo Bills $13.5 M

18. NY Giants $13 M

19. New England Patriots $12.625

20. Dallas Cowboys $8.5 M

21. Pittsburgh Steelers $4.8 M

22. Indianapolis Colts $2.6 M

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $2 M

24. Miami Dolphins $230000

25. Carolina Panthers $0

26. Atlanta Falcons $-908000

27. NY Jets $-2.5 M

28. Denver Broncos $-6 M

29. Tennessee Titans $-8 M

30. Washington Redskins $-10 M

31. Kansas City Chiefs $-10.7 M

32. Oakland Raiders $-10.8 M

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Buccaneers Update:

" Though the main purpose of the NFL combine is to evaluate more than 300 players who will be available in the draft, this is where teams get a jump-start on their offseason agendas.

Over dinner at St. Elmo's, general managers will discuss contract restructures aimed at gaining compliance with the salary cap."


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Buccaneers Update 2/26/06:

The $19 million doesn't even take into account the money they'll need to sign their draft picks. Someone has to pay.

The list could be long: Brian Griese, Michael Pittman, Ellis Wyms, Jeff Gooch, Matt Stinchcomb, John Wade. The Bucs aren't likely to look the same next year.


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Colts Update 2/26/06:


Colts who will become unrestricted free agents Friday, and a comment about their future by Star reporter Mike Chappell:

Player, position


Edgerrin James, RB

A long shot to return; thanks for the memories.

Mike Vanderjagt, PK

It's been a fun ride, but it's over.

David Thornton, LB

The next priority to get a new deal.

Larry Tripplett, DT

Solid player, but there are other needs.

Rob Morris, LB

Maybe he returns, but later not sooner.

Troy Walters, WR

Worth bringing back at the right price.

James Mungro, RB

Management loves him, and he's inexpensive.

Joseph Jefferson, DB

Worth considering, but can he stay healthy?

Jose Cortez, PK

Let's eliminate the kickoff specialist from the roster.

Rocky Calmus, LB

Could be a viable veteran backup.

Kurt Vollers, OL

Not a priority.


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