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What is your definition of Science Fiction?


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Any fiction that focuses on the effects of science and technology. (how it effects a person, society, mankind, the universe, etc)

Not really sure why fantasy always gets lumped together with science fiction, pretty much the opposite there.

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I don't think you can forget cell phones. If the flip cell phone wasn't based on Captain Kirk's communicators, I'd be shocked.

Science Fiction, to me, is an exploration of scientific possibility or consequence through story.

The science can be hard or soft, that is, physics or sociology. It can be a science that we are very close to achieving: human cloning or something that right now seems theoretically impossible. Like creating honest politicians through cloning. The simplest definition, I think of science fiction is that it's a game of "what if?"

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Anything that will never happen.

Like traveling the speed of light, owning a lightsaber and using magic to frost my beer.


Due respect, but that's a strikingly narrow view. As recently as the first half of the 20th century, walking on the moon was science fiction. As recently as the 1970's, the internet was science fiction.

Sci Fi is about exploring the possibilities, not setting the limits.

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