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See The D.C. Divas This Spring!


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Worried about what to do now that the NFL season is over? Worry no more. Come April, the National Women's Football Association will kick off its season the Washington franchise, the D.C. Divas, will take the field at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex, just outside FedEx Field. The Divas are the two-time NWFA Mid-Atlantic Champions and are looking to come world champions this season. I've been to a number of games and these ladies play hard, hustle and hit hard. In fact, former Redskin Brian Mitchell is a member of the team's front office. It's something you really must check out! For more information, visit their Web site at http://www.dcdivas.com. In the meantime, below are some pics taken from a few of their games. Enjoy and definitely check them out!

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I wish there was a video of that junkies game- would love to see what happened.

I think my point is that while I am all for equality-

if the women were pounded 28-6 by a pickup group of men who only practiced a few times- how good is the product on the field?

While it may not be NFL-quality action, if you watch it with an open mind, I think you'll like what's going on out there. I was skeptical, too. But, I attended a game and appreciated the hustle and hard work that I saw out there. Seriously, check it out.

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