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Routers (Help Please)


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I am bout to get a router and I need to know how to use them. I need answers to:

How dose a wireless router connect to a computer?

Do I need to install any software.

Any information will help. Thanks

A wireless router is connected to a computer by a .....WIRE!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. The router should come with ethernet cords to plug into PC. It'll also come with software, so PC can recognize new hardwire and so you can configure security (so no one hacks into your network).

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Are you connecting this to a cable/DSL modem?

They really are easy to setup. Each brand is going to be slightly different.

A wireless router can connect to a computer either wirelessly in which case there are no physical connections or via an ethernet patch cable (the router will usually come with at least one patch cable). The router also connects to the cable modem or DSL modem via ethernet cable.

You can either install their software and have it configure everything for you or do it by hand (typically via a web browser). I personally like to do it by hand because it gives me more control. But for most people, the software does a fine job.

They really are easy to setup. When you get it if you have specific questions we can help.

Probably the biggest problem I see when I go to friends houses is that they haven't turned on the security. Turn on encryption and I usually like to turn on MAC filtering. It will only allow wireless connections from machines you specifically list the MAC address for. The MAC address is tied to the wireless adapter. You can get it via the ipconfig command in Windows XP.

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