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Clinton Portis on MYSPACE


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Look at Sean Taylor!LOL

In the seconf picture ,it says "I swear i will be better than him"about ronnie lott


gosh...this fake ST needs to do some research.....Sean likes lil wayne!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: and his fav. movie is set it off....plus...he doesn't have a hero....and i don't think he talks like that....:silly:

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yeah i know! It says he is married? I didnt know that LOL, and says hes a proud parent, which i think he is........................... i dunno.

Totally FAKE! :laugh:

he's not married but he does have 2 kids....i think...or was it just one kid....
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that is not gibbs Like Gibbs would have time he is probably gameplanning for next season already.

Gibbs' wife would kill him if she found out he had time for myspace...

Joe Gibbs : Pat, I'll be working 20 hour days at the office for the next 3 months.

Pat Gibbs : What for, honey ?

Joe Gibbs : Strategizing for the draft, free agency, offseason workouts, watching film.

Pat Gibbs : But honey, you promised it would be different this time around. You promised that on this stint, you'd take care of your health, and take care of your family.

Joe Gibbs : I know honey, but these are really important matters. I promised Snyder a Lombardi trophy, and it's a lot tougher than I thought it'd be, this time around. Sean Taylor might be going to jail. Things are getting REALLY sticky at Redskin Park. I REALLY gotta follow through on this.

Pat Gibbs : Okay, sweetie. But PROMISE me, as soon as you're done strategizing tonite, that you'll spend some time with me, and AS SOON as you win a Lombardi for that fiesty little Snyder, you'll retire again, and come back home.

Joe Gibbs : I promise, sweetheart. G'bye.....{smooch}

Pat Gibbs : G-bye darling.


Joe Gibbs : Hey Buges, how does this MySpace registration work again ?

Joe Bugel : Just pick a name for your MySpace account.

How about Joe Gibbs ?

Joe Gibbs : There ya go.


Joe Bugel : Thank you for calling Redskin Park, Joe Bugel speaking.....Oh, Hi Mrs Gibbs.....sorry, Joe won't home until about 5am, he's still trying to figure out this MySpace thing.

Pat Gibbs : WWHAAAAAAAATTTT ?!?!?!?!

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