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Do you think Saunders will add any new formations to our current offense? I personally would love to see a Power-I or a Wing formation. Portis, Cooley, and Sellers all in the backfield... there are so many different things one could do with that formation. I think it would utilize what we have on our roster and would confuse the heck out of the opposing defenses.

Just a thought...

Do you think there will be any added formations?

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saunders used alot of 2 TE, singleback sets in KC along w/ 3WR singleback sets. But he did love to put Tony Richardson, Tony Gonzalez and Jason Dunn in their to help that tremendous line open holes for LJ(who by the way was ridiculous last year!). He certainly loved to pound the ball, but trent green slung it around a heck of alot too(longest current streak of 4000+ passing yards). I'd bet he uses cooley in the slot alot like indy is doing with Dallas Clark.

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