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Guess the Name of the previous poster


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Was there someone with an O and poet? It's hard to follow this thread. I'll guess Ogden.

Mines too easy. Always in the top 10 most popular names, every fricking year. You get zero points for mine. I've been called a famous mouse's name. Was famous for a darn commerical. And yes I like it so stop asking.

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Ovid? Odysseus? Orestes? Othello? Oswald? Ozzie Osbourne?
For China, I'm guess Robert (as in Frost).

Anyone who doesn't know my name might have a hard time guessing it.

OK, iheart you got my first name. As for my middle name (the one that I go by) you haven't gotten it yet (and BTW that's the name I was referring to with the poet hint). Next hint: Utah.

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