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Who would you NOT want to see in a Redskins uniform anymore???


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cory raymer...that seahawks game was eye opening

I second that. And people thought I was an idiot for suggesting that the majority of the problems with the O-line were caused by Raymer rather than Dockery last year. LOL! I guess it just goes to show how hard it is as a fan to truly grasp what's going on in those trenches.

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although he made some good ounts towards the end of the year, please get rid of derek frost! he made me nervous everytime he was back to punt. like the punt at the end of the first tampa game, that potentially lost it 4 us. then did it again at the next tampa game. tupa will be back right??

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That's not an easy poll to answer. Wish you could have answered more than one. I went with Taylor "Stonehands" Jacobs. But you can put a check for me on just about everyone there with the exception of Walt Harris( You need a replacment before you can get rid of him ).

And to those that posted "Brunell" you are all just sore that your early season predictions of him leading the Redskins to another losing season didn't come true. Get over it already, we made the playoffs! Now go away! :applause:

Hail! :point2sky

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