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Well atleast Samuels is consistent...


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who cares about the pro bowl?

all that is important is that Moss and Samuels get out of the game without any injuries.

the rest of this is just a farce. this game means nothing and other than the far shots of the Hawaiian Islands is boring as hell.

i second that one....not to mention every station break they show the beach, i then look out of my window and see snow....hmm...

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The guy posts a decent thread about the fact that Samuels got embarrassed in the pro bowl. Then gets hounded on, give me a break. At least the post is something thats factual unlike some of these LaVar for LT and Antonio Gates threads.

I mean come on they dont even allow blitzes in the pro bowl the game plan is simplified its man on man blocking. He got beasted, lets aknowledge that fact and move on. Besideds he didnt deserve the pro bowl nod he's not even our best O lineman Thomas has that distinction by and far.

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