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Pro/Olympic Athletes from your High School


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Anyone from your high school played a pro sport or been in the olympics? There have been quite a few from my school and mostly from my era which is pretty cool.

John Gilmore - plays for the Chicago Bears

Kerry Collins - plays for the Oakland Raiders

Kristy Kowal - olympic swimmer

Allison Baver - olympic spead skater (she's skating tonight)

One of the high school teachers was a former WWF wrestler. I have to research this to be sure, but I think he was Hill Billy Jim.

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None from my HS,but plenty in the area.

Andy Pettite is a few miles away,along with Clemens{it was cool watching them play in HS)

Cat osterman and Krista Williams(softball) my son caught for in training.

Hedrick (gold medal skater) is from the area.

Several pro footballers

Even my son's girlfriend should be in the summer games(swimming)

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I went to two high schools:

Suncoast High School, Riviera Beach, Florida

--Anthony Carter, WR, Vikings (later Lions, etc.)

--Barrett Green, LB, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, etc.

--Anthony Goldwire, journeyman NBA point guard

Palm Beach Gardens High School, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

--lots of MLB players

--Eric Kresser, QB, Cincinnati Bengals

getting sleepy, adding more later....

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Marques Ogden, OT. Brother of Jonathan Ogden

As well as...

Kevin Gibbs - former MLB outfielder for the Dodgers, Rockies, Yankees, and Phillies.

Mark Gibbs - former INF for the Baltimore Orioles

Andy Schindling - SS for the Orioles

Matt Cooksey - INF for the Toronto Blue Jays

Jeff Palumbo - former major leage INF and George Mason stand out.


Rico McCoy - TN Vols football

Marrisa Coleman - Terps Basketball

Chris Wright - Junior HS point guard. Committed to NC State:point2sky

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Thomas Dale HS (Chester, VA)

William Henderson- FB Packers

Rudi Johnson- RB Bengals

We played Thomas Dale in the state semi's my junior year...got you on an option pass for a td with less than a minute left!!!! Remember that?

Potomac HS(Dumfries, VA)

Tommy Thigpen, NY Giants

Craig Novitsky, NO Saints

A few baseball players at varying degress of minor leagues.

A few basketball players in NBDL and overseas

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