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How much snow did you get :)


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Per Fox Five News, Ashburn got 13 inches.

I was the first one outside this morning shoveling my steps and part of the sidewalk.

I headed out again after the snow stopped and joined my neighbors in shoveling our cars and parking spaces out.

At 11 am, 8 parking spaces were clear of snow.

We took a break and all had a beer and smoked a cigarrette. :cheers:

Got my workout of the day!:D

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You guys suck. We didn't get nothing but rain here all day Saturday and the occasional flurries today. Would have been nice to have Monday off. Actually I am ready for summer this winter stuff sucks.

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About two feet here on Long Island. And unlike some on here, my roads are completely blanketed. The plows have come through three times and a fourth one is definitely needed. They probably won't come around until later tonight so I'll have to shovel my driveway out late. I wish my school would close so I don't have to worry about it tonight. But my district never closes. :cuss:

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