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Koren Robinson wants to be a Panther now?


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That's a good thing because Robinson might find himself at another career crossroads. He's scheduled to be a free agent in March. Robinson said he still would like to re-sign with the Vikings, but also said he would be interested in returning close to home and joining the Carolina Panthers, who are likely to attempt to bolster their receiving corps.

"I'd love to come back home," he said.

In recent years, the Panthers have been hesitant to sign players who have had off-field issues, and have released several players after legal problems. But Robinson said he's a changed man.

"I've just matured," he said. "...I'm very mindful and very thankful for my situation every day. A lot of people go through life every day without even realizing they're breathing. I'm very mindful of that and my whole situation."

Although the Panthers can't comment on potential free agents because of the NFL's rules about tampering, Carolina has a unique chance to get an in-depth look at Robinson this week.

John Fox and the Panthers coaching staff are in charge of Robinson and the rest of the NFC squad.

"I'm going to use this week to impress them and show them the type of person I am now," Robinson said.

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He's just trying to get paid and make it look like there's a bunch of teams he wants to play for. He's trying to drive his price up.

I'd really like him to come to Washington. He'd be a great return threat/WR option.

WHAT IS SO wrong with him wanting to get paid? dont you ppl wanna get paid on ur jobs?dont be hypocrites plz.:dallasuck
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He's not being at all hypocritical, calm down. All he is saying is that just because Robinson says he wants to play for the Skins or the Panthers or anybody else for that matter doesn't mean he actually is leaning toward going there. Robinson's statements are not representing his feelings, but are just a business ploy, an attempt to spark a bidding war between several teams that are interested in him so that he can cash in. Robinson's not being called greedy, but his words interpreted for those who may not understand the reason they're being said at all.

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Saun Alexander would also consider being a Panther, this must be a trend thats starting up.

Or the fact that the Pro Bowl coaching staff was from the Panthers and most of the questions asked about potential teams were probably leading them to say the Panthers...Like, "You're set to be a free agent, how's the Panthers coaching staff treating you this week?"

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