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Charleston Daily Mail:Sam Huff-WVU Linebacker


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Funny what you can find while looking for something completely different. :)


Sam Huff -- WVU Linebacker

He played as hard as he grew up

Tough childhood in coal camp shaped a legend

July 5, 1999

By Chuck Landon

Daily Mail sportswriter

SAM Huff has coal in his soul.

Ask the legendary former National Football League star what he remembers about growing up in West Virginia and Huff's answers come out in lumps.

They burn with feeling hotter than anthracite.

Yet, his voice is softer than bituminous. "I remember No. 9 coal camp,'' said Huff quietly. "Very vividly. The mine later blew up and killed all those miners -- 73 or something like that. I lost five relatives in that mine explosion.''


Sam Huff was a five-time Pro Bowl selection for the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, and once was featured on the cover of Time magazine.

Hit the link for the rest.

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