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In-N-Out Burger recipe? Add your fav. burger recipe, too.

Spaceman Spiff

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Reading the favorite fast food thread got me thinking about In-N-Out Burgers...Only had them once and they were great. I'd love to have that place out here on the east coast.

So that got me thinking...there has to be the recipe to their burgers somewhere on the internet, right? Some pissed off employee who got fired, went home and decided to share the big secret with the rest of the world? Who knows...but I searched anyway and found this...


Driving along a busy street in California you might spot In-N-Out Burger. The drive through lines are often backed up with 20 cars waiting. In-N-Out Burger is amazingly good because everything is fresh. The secret to making this is to get the patty real thin, 1/4 inch or less. At the drive through, you can order onions grilled for your burger.

This is an unofficial recipe:

1/4 pound ground beef

1 fresh hamburger bun

Dash salt

1 tablespoon Kraft Thousand Island dressing

Large tomato slice (or 2 small slices)

Large lettuce leaf

2 slices American cheese (Singles)

-or- 1 slice real American cheese

1 whole onion slice (sliced thin)

Preheat a frying pan over medium heat.

Lightly toast the hamburger bun, face down in the pan.

Set aside.

Form each half into a thin patty slightly larger than the bun.

Lightly salt patty and cook for 2-3 minutes on the first side.

Flip it over and immediately place slice of cheese on. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Assemble the burger in the following stacking order from the bottom up:

bottom bun / dressing/ tomato/ lettuce/ beef patty with cheese/

onion slice or grilled onions/ top bun.

Makes one hamburger.

That CAN'T be it...right? A dash of salt and some thousand island dressing? Who knows for sure.

I believe, together, we at the Extremeskins Tailgate can crack this code and bring the In-N-Out flavor to our home grills, since many of us are not privleged to live near one of these fine establishments.

Also, I figured this would be a good place to share any burger recipes that you might have. I'll start with one my buddy and I stumbled upon when we tailgated this year:

A1 Sauce and McCormicks Mesquite BBQ seasoning. No real measurements needed, we just dumped some sauce in and threw on some seasoning. They come out great, experiment with how much sauce and seasoning you use. We tend to use a lot, so theres a lot of flavor.

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Sounds delicioso.

My Dad created an awesome burger he called "Creole Burgers".

Unofficial recipe (memory):

However much ground beef you want to cook



Green Peppers

Garlic Salt

Onion Salt


*you guys knew we'd have a lotta salt in my family*

Chop the garlic, onions, & green peppers up. He wouldn't chop it up too fine, but didn't leave it too thick either. Mix chopped veggies up in ground beef in a bowl. Form patties. Set them on the grill and sprinkle with garlic salt, onion salt, and of course, salt. Cook to your liking. Wallah!! Enjoy the Creole Burger.....

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