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I never thought Westbrook was bad. *Thinks of where that old jersey is* I do know that I was pissed as hell when he took his helmet off on the field during the what would end up a tie against the Giants and getting flagged for 15, DOH! :applause: And maybe I'm too young to remember and def. too lazy to look it up, but didn't that being 1/2 game back screw us out of the playoffs or something?

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Last time I seen Westbrook on T.V. He was interview along with Kordell Stewart on ESPNEWS A while back. Cant remember the month I think it was in August or something. They was dicussing Stewart Hail Mary pass back in Colo.

They probaly was talking about how gay they were.

Seriously I heard somebody on the radio said that Kordell Stewart and Westbrook was gay. I think it was a guest on the Kornhiser show. Do not remeber.

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