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Weakest Redskin of All-time?


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First- let me say this-

I think Stephen Davis was a very tough runner and he was the cornerstone of our last playoff team. I love the guy. I was sick to see that pansy Deshaun Foster take the job this year due to Stephen's in jury, but........

Do you remember what a wuss he looked like on the ground after Westbrook cheapshot him? I mean- it was definitely a cheap shot- but Davis was on the ground with his knees in the air trying to avoid another punch. He didn't even hit back. I know, I know. Most people would have acted that way, but I just remember being surprised that Davis got ****slapped like that....by a punk like Westbrook.

He was a hell of RB though. I was so pissed when Spurrier let him go- Gibbs would have loved to have had him, I'm sure. Although we are better off with Portis in the long run for SURE.

Just can't shake that image.

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Jeremiah Trotter was not even close to being the Pro Bowl caliber player in Washington that he was in Philly.He took the money and then played SOFT for us! When we gave him the boot,he went back and played his butt off to get paid again by the e-gals.His first season with us,He had a chance to make a big hit on Mcnabb running a QB. draw.Trotter dove at his legs and Donavan skipped over him into the endzone.SOFT! SOFT!:eaglesuck

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