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Top 5 Hated Skins or Intensely Disliked Skins


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My Top 5:

1. Norv Turner- 50% of the reason we failed in the 90's post Gibbs.

2. Charlie Casserly- the other 50% of the reason why we failed in the 90's post gibbs. He must have some dirt on Bob Mcnair to still be the Texans GM.

3. Michael Westbrook- Such a major Dissappointment.

4. Health Shuler- You know we still haven't completely recovered from drafting this Bust yet. Haven't yet found a long term starter- hopefully Campbell is that.

5. Steve Spurrier- a joke of an NFL coach. Only good thing about his hire- it eventually led to Gibbs coming back.

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1. Desmond Howard. Watching this bust try and run pass routes in the NFL was painful. Monte Coleman after one practice said the guy couldn't play in this league.

2. Deion Sanders. Nobody did more to make the Redskins a laughingstock. All that jitterbugging and showmanship. And what did he do? Oh, he let a punt bounce off his HELMET :laugh: Yeah, easily the worst spent $8 million in league history.

3. Norv Turner. Unbelievable that a guy that got 6.5 years to turn a team into a winner left town feeling he didn't get a fair chance to show what he could do :rolleyes:

4. Steve Spurrier. He kept his word. He never slept on his couch in the office. He never worked as hard as Jim Haazzzlett. And he never won a damn thing, either.

5. Jeff George. The epitome of a guy who never worked hard in his life for anything and never appreciated what his natural ability could do for him. He turned on every coach and GM that embraced him. He never took any of his teams anywhere. His career winning percentage in the NFL is among the worst for a starting qb with that many games played. I wouldn't pay this guy to wash my car :laugh:

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Yup hate is kinda of harsh but a strong dislike

1 Jerimah Trotter

2. Deion Sanders

3. Michael Westbrook- Punk had to sucker punch Davis when he wasn't looking

4. Heath Shuler - Can you say big bust..

5. James Washington- an Ex Cowboy for goodness sake they didn't do one thing here .

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I bet Coles and Gardner had fun sitting home watching the Redskins in the playoffs :laugh:

Yep, no receiver on the Gibbs' Redskins can put up decent numbers...............

Santana Moss - 84 catches, 1,483 yards................... :D

I was thinking the same thing I know they were mad as hell :laugh:

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1. "Chump Ass" Bailey - the name says it all

2. Michael "Crybaby" Westbrook - always got hurt

3. Norv "Can never be a good head coach, but a ingenious offensive coordinator" Turner - sucked at every aspect of head coaching

4. Chad "Giant" Morton - kick returner that did nothing for us but score 1 TD in like 3 years, plus he's a Giant now

5. Steve "Worst decision Snyder ever made" Spurrier - horrible coach that could not control his players

Zoony, I agree with you. I liked Mr. "Primetime" myself and Laveranues "I cry on Oprah about being molested as a child" Coles was a good player, too. haha now I'm just having too much fun. :laugh: Anyway those are my top 5.

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You did know I asked Hate or some prefer just intense dislike.

You actually hated/ intensely disliked Darrell Green? The one Skin that should be a lock for the HOF when he's eligible in 2008.

I love Darrell Green.

I just decided to blend him in w/ my other hated skins to see if anyone would notice, and i'm glad you did. It was meant to be a joke though.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Alrighty then. We'd have to ban you if you really hated Darrell Green.

Uh Oh. Everybody look out. This is right about the time that the guy (who shall remain nameless) who was snubbed for an autograph when he was kid by Darrell will start spouting off about what a bad guy he is.....

If Darrell ends up on anyone's list they should be banned.

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Stubby it turns out got his edge not from working out but taking steroids. He destroyed his body and his play declined noticeably as he approached 30.

The 49ers took him back and he did nothing there before ending up like so many others in the uniform of the Oakland Raiders. You know you are nearing the end as a veteran when you put on the silver and black :)

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