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New Season Of The Sopranos, March 12th


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After Big ***** got whacked and they turned Furio into a coffee drinking lover who stalked Tony's wife, i left the show...so thankfully i haven't been affected like some fans of their insane gaps between seasons when you only really saw James G do one flick which was with affleck and horrid. :)

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Anyone else freakin counting the days till the new season? I been watchin the reruns and can't help but get pump about what'll happen this season and who won't be around after it's done! Personally i'd like to see Janis get whacked!

Leave it to the guy with the handle ItaliaMuscle to start the

Soprano's thread. :laugh:

Yes, I'm really looking forward to it.


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I want to see Christopher release all that pent up anger this season.

Since he's quit drugs/drinking, had his fiance killed and in general, sits in Tony's shadow even when he was really young, I think he's gonna snap this season.

I read that this season is going to about "excess and luxuries". Since the NY family was brought down by the feds, the Soprano family is gonna gobble up all the territories and jobs. Might even try to make a move on NY stuff. It's going to be crazy and I can't wait to see it.

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