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It's Friday, so here's a new cartoon.


Don't forget to check out ASK EDNA.. she's hot! It blows me away how many people are listening to her every day.

There's a new episode every day, Monday thru Friday, and she is set up with an XML feed for you folks on the go! The archive is up for anyone who is late to the party, so have fun!


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I liked the cartoon a lot! The officiating in the Super Bowl was so bad I thought the refs were throwing the game. I decided not to think that anymore for the sake of my sanity.

I gotta defend Paul Taglibue though. The NFL's popularity has steadily grown under his leadership. He is also doing a fine job promoting the sport around the world. Look at the NFL and its image compared to MLB, the NHL, and the NBA. The NFL is the best run professional sports league in the country. It is more competitve and entertaing then MLB. It has managed to avoid the major scandles that have affected the NHL and NBA. A lot of this has to do with the fine job Taglibue has done as commisioner. Look at him compared to Bud Selig. You see what I mean.

The cartoon was funny though.

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