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Monk made 3 pro-bowls?


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I know monk has been talked about in far too many threads to count, but I dont remember anyone ever saying he made 3 pro-bowls. In all cases id heard people talking about him making 1.

However, I was reading ESPNs Bio's on the finalists, and they said Monk was selected to 3 pro-bowls(note the 'selected'), and was an all-pro for 1984 and 1985. Does anyone know for certain just how many times he was selected to the pro-bowl, and how many times he actually attended? I can see the discrepency if maybe he was selected but had an injury or just couldnt go or something. Or is ESPN just plain wrong?

Anyone able to shed some light on it? Because that would put him at only 2 pro-bowls below Irvin.

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