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Klinton uses Voagra!!!

Ancalagon the Black

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An actual spam I received today, presumably from Bulgaria or something. Paints quite the political picture! [Emphasis added below by me.]

Everybody knows the great sexual scandal known as "Klinton-Levinsky".

After the relations like this Klintons popularity raised a lot!

It is a natural phenomenon, because Bill as a real man in order not to

shame himself when he was with Monica regularly used Voagra.

What happened you see. His political figure became more bright and more attractive.

It is very important for a man to be respected as a man!

See our Voagra shop to enter upon the new phase of your life. [website deleted]

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I am to offer my endoresements of this Voagra product, also.

Once, I am just unimportant man. Then, I go on big American televisions for telling the world of my use of this American Voagra products.

Soon, I am important man. I am respected as a man. Many slim, beautiful American womans going on the American televisions, wanting to give me good Levinsky. I tell them all yes. I am happy, and my political figure became more bright and more attractive. These Voagras do all this for me. Can also do this for you, this products.

My name? Bob Dole.

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I saw Bob Dole interviewed in The Daily Show. He has a sense of humor. (If he'd shown it during the campaign, he might've won.)

Stewart asked him what he was doing with his time, now. He said he was running for President of the Senate Spouses Club. Against Bill Clinton.

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