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Both Snyder and Angelos listed on "most difficult owner" poll on ESPN.com


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As of 2am ET, Friday, it's a runaway "win" for Steinbrenner. He's lapping the entire field with 52%. :D

Shockingly Angelos is the "loser", with 4%. I can't believe that his infamy isn't more known, nationwide. He did "win" Maryland, though, reaffirming what those who know him best think about him. :laugh:


I don't know if Snyder's, very low, 6% is more a reflection on him or Joe Gibbs.

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Honestly, Mr. Snyder shouldn't even be on the list anymore. If nothing else, Dan has shown the ability to learn from his mistakes. Yes, yelling at Norv Turner after the Dallas game was a low spot. But to care so much about the team's success, and to want to win for a fanbase as large as the redskins, that is all you can ask of your owner.

He's in business to make money. Every owner I know does that. and how best to sell more merchandise than have a successful franchise.

Mr. Snyder now has a rep for always having deep pockets. Players like that, but he is also now getting a rep for having high quality leadership running his franchise for him. The less visable a sports owner is, I think, the better the team does. :2cents:

P.S. I still do get upset everytime he raises ticket prices though. :mad:

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I think it's Angelos, and not even close. At least the other owners get you good players.

Snyder would have been leading this poll probably up until two years ago. Honestly, he does belong on the list. Let's not forget him canning Norv Turner whilst Norv had a winning record, firing Schottenheimer after one season because he wanted control back, and essentially baiting Spurrier into resigning by cutting his favorite player. Right now he is probably the easiest owner in the League for his coach to work for, but that's primarily because he worships the ground Gibbs walks on (as he should, as do we all).

Steinbrenner gives you a roster that costs twice as much as the next highest paid team. How hard could it possibly be to work for him? I'd take the Yankees job over the Orioles' one any day.

Al Davis is like what Snyder used to be like before Gibbs.

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I'll second that.

I'll third that.

The other owners want to win. As misplaced as some of their moves are, they think they're doing their team some good. How was Snyder supposed to know that Deion, Jeff George and Bruce Smith were supposed to be busts? Wait, don't answer that...:doh:

Regardless, Angelos has for years funded teams with lack of talent so the O's will lose, so he can ***** and moan that bringing a DC team to the area would take away fans.

I'll always be an Orioles fan no matter what because I recognize that Angelos is a blemish on what has been a great team for years and what hopefully will be a great team in the future. But he's the worst ****ing owner in sports by far. No one else comes close.

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I wish more people actually knew who Angelos was and WHY he is the worst owner EVER.

1. Continues to not care about the Orioles and only care about the bottomline, his pockets. As long as Oriole fans continue to support their team so much by buying so much merchandise and going to games, Angelos will never actively seek a winning team.

2. In order to protect his bottomline, his pockets, Angelos aggressively campaigned aganist Washington getting their own baseball team. Simply because the Washington baseballs would stop traveling to Baltimore to watch his crappy team. He even had the nerve to claim the market wasn't big enough for both teams, when the closest team to the Orioles are the damn Phillies!!

3. He's a selfish prick, the only owner I've ever seen be a complete ass to a non-profit organization and disrespect the icons of his franchise that he helped bring about the fan support that he enjoys today.

If Angelos got hit by a car today, Baltimore should make it a holiday.

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