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CANCER Society Donations ?


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Can anyone of you FINE Extremers tell me which of these Charities uses their Fund's the MOST for Research ?

National Cancer Coalition.....

National Cancer Research....

Amer. Cancer Society.....

Amer. Breast Cancer Fund....

Amer. Breast Cancer Foundation....

Cancer Fund of America.......

Or Maybe you can point me to the Webpage I can look this up ?

Any and ALL help is Appreciated !!!!


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It may be listed in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) archives. I know that whenever the CFC campaign was being run, there was a breakdown (somewhat brief) of the running/overhead costs and how much actually went to and was utilized by the charity.

Combined Federal Campaign

If you enter each of the charities you listed in Google, you should be able to find their annual charity report. By law, they are required to make this report public.

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