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Is it cool or pathetic that Flutie still hangs out at BC?  

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  1. 1. Is it cool or pathetic that Flutie still hangs out at BC?

    • It's cool--he's in touch with his roots
    • He's pathetic, because he just wants to watch college girls work out.

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man i wish that didnt cost i would love to have it but i dont have money for silly things like that.

I have insider but don't worry, every single article is on ES within an hour of being on ESPN. Shoot, everytime I try to post one, somebody's beat me to it. Believe me, you see it all here and more and just as quickly. Save your money.

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man i wish that didnt cost i would love to have it but i dont have money for silly things like that.

I have to agree with those who say save your money. I've signed up I think twice now for the free trial and it's just not worth it. Nothing you can't find else where or see on ESPN, ESPN News, ESPN 2, ESPN the Ocho, etc...

Though, I must say I do appreciate those who post the relevant information about the Skins from The Insider.



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Actually the Insider is great. The Insider is dead on the money especially around draft time. I usually post the full rumor mill articles but have been asked to refrain from doing such and only post the link which I could not due to giving out my screen name and possibly my password. I will try to give synopsis next time around.

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The Skinny, TO not to be baby sitted in Denver. Rod Smith states he will not be TO guardian if he is a member of the Denver Broncos. Rod hopes the positive situation in Denver will rub off onto TO if TO is a member of the Broncos. Bowen states it is too early to put Denver in the TO sweepstakes.

The Skinny, Alexander staying put. According to Seattle officials, the Seahawks are aggressively trying to sign Alexander to a long term deal. Under the terms of Shaun Alexander's contract he cannot be franchised a second year.

The Skinny, Shell by default. With Whisenhunt and Petrino both withdrawing their names from the head coaching job, expect Al Davis to name Art Shell as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

The Skinny, One more year for Flutie. Expect Doug Flutie to be the primary backup to Tom Brady in the 2006 season. With a cap number of ony 425,000 dollars but an actually salary of 750,000, Flutie agent expect his client to return for one more year.

The Skinny, Godfrey Set to Return. Randal Godfrey is expected to return to the Chargers for one more year after seeing the Bus win his Super Bowl.

The Skinny, Abraham wants out. Abraham wants out of the New York Jets organization. The Jets are expected to franchise Abraham which will account for 8.3 million dollars in salary cap and trade him. Teams stressing for Abraham affection are the REDSKINS, Texans, and Browns.

The Skinny, Robinson Eyeing homecoming. Word is Koren Robinson is interested in playing for the Carolina Panthers. Being closer to home is a priority of Robinson. With John Fox coaching the pro bowl and the Panthers having a need for a second receiver, look for John Fox to keep a close eye on Robinson.

The Skinny, Dunn an option. With Alexander possibly leaving and Dunn possibly a cap casualty look for the Seahawks to acquire Dunn services.

The Skinny, Vanden Bosch staying put. Look for the Titans attempt to sign Vanden Bosch to a long term contract. Vanden Bosch a unrestricted free agent and the Titans have a huge gap in figures when related to contract extension.

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