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ESPN: Tirico, Theismann, and Kornheiser to call MNF games


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Guest ComebackKing

I've heard this like 20 times in the past 2 days! I like this booth it beats Sunday night ESPN of last season but still weakest booth out of FOX CBS and soon to be NBC.

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Listening to Tonk K. on PTI is quite amusing and he should do a good job on MNF.

But theismann (i know this is going to be unpopular) is too caught up in reminscing about his playing days. Everyone gets the point that he played football, as all color-commentators usually do. He doesn't need to gap to the audience the whole time. Maybe its because Paul Maguire, who babbles like a construction worker sitting in a bar, brings out Theismann's bad tendencies.

Joey T. has a great knowledge of the game though, and it is nice to hear from a guy who actually knows what he's talking about, unlike Patrick and MAguire.

anything is an upgrade compared to rambling incoherent thoughts Madden dribbles out. Al Michaels isn't anything special.

MNF just improved a tad, in my opinion.

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Paul Maguire is usually a jerk to Thiesmann and they needed to be separated. Joe is a bit too kind with his praise of players but he is articulate, and honestly as a fan I like having Skins out there. Tony will be like Dennis Miller...except actually funny and with a knowlege of football.


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