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WOW!!!!! I was in Maui not too long ago, and they don't get anything even close to that. Those guys are nuts, plain and simple. One bad move, and death could insue. I don't care how good you are, everybody makes a mistake once in awhile.

You have to get here around Nov-Apr, that's when the big swells get here

Some nut case rode a 60 footer last year on Maui. These were 20 or so

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You have to get here around Nov-Apr, that's when the big swells get here

Some nut case rode a 60 footer last year on Maui. These were 20 or so

Really? I talked to some surf instructor...Ok, I admit it, my g/f and I took a lesson...And he said there was one time a year that the big waves come, but it was on the opposite side of the island from where visitors stay. Well, 60 feet? F' that. I'll jump out of a perfectly good airplane before riding a 60 foot wave.

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Cool pics,last year at Maui I played with some 15 footers :laugh:

They pounded me bad enough ,you can keep the big stuff.

:) A 15-footer is a huge wave! That's like twice overhead!

The big waves hit the North Shore during the winter months because of severe storms in the Northern Pacific and the Bering sea. Its actually really friggin' cool...the waves travel around 4,000 miles from Alaska to Hawaii, and pound the crap out of the North Shore.

I missed the triple-crown this year, and I was hoping they'd hold the Eddie Aukau (sp?) classic this year, but its not looking good. The Eddie is only held when the wave conditions are perfect and the waves are >30ft (or maybe its 25ft).

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Nice Sarge the first picture looks like a partywave at Sunset but then again the others look like the south side of the north shore? Maybe closer to Haleiwa?

I was there for almost a month once in October into November and saw god on more than a couple occasions :)

Got sick of fighting crowd in the typical north shore spots and found places like Aligator Rock, Marijuanas and leftovers to chill with a pretty cool crowd.

Man I would love to do that again. Thanks to the internet I hear the crowds have gotten out of hand. Paradise has its price.


What were they calling it when you took the shots? I love how when I got to Hawaii they were calling for 4 foot swell and I was dissapointed only to pull up to Sunset and see that it was 2-3 foot overhead!

FYI for others, in Hawaii they judge the size of the wave by measuring the back of the wave not the face of the wave. So what we would call 8 foot on the east coast would be 16+ in Hawaii.

Also, I've been in the water when it went from flat to what you posted in your pics. Nothing scarier than that.

Oh and FYI again, Mavericks is a tow in competition as is all/most of the big wave riding these days. Insane but not really surfing, its really its own sport.

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Mavericks just had their surf competition today.

Here's a pic from last month:


It aint Maui, the water's butt cold and the beach aint nothing special, but it sure gets big.

Was trying to figure out how big this was... ugh.... Figuring the guy is at least 6'2" (he looks taller) this wave is immense. :rubeyes:

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Biggest waves in the world!

You saw mavericks above....which is near San Fransisco here are some others in no particular order!

Here's Cyclops (Austraila)


Teahupoo (Tahiti)


Jaws (Maui)


Jaws again...


Belharra Reef (France)


Cortes Bank (Middle of the Pacific - NO LAND! 100 miles from the california coast!)


Todos Santos (Mexico)


Belmar, NJ - Where I learned how to surf.... :laugh:



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Good gawd man! Is this for real? Look how placid the water is except for that gigantic wave. And what is that white, frightening-looking thing in the wave? :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid:


Thats just the meanest nastiest wave in the world. Look at it in comparison to the others and you will see the difference... thickness. There is more water on top of that wave than anywhere else in the world... Its a killer. Its so thick it makes me cringe when I look at this pic. :doh:

Jamie those are cool pics I saw them when you posted them origianlly. I saw the south shore get big once when I was out at diamondhead. It got really big ne day and took me forever before I could paddle in. When I finally did I ended up on that nude beach (south side) amongst all the strippers, hookers, whatever. :laugh:

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