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profesional looking jersey alternates


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ok so i've seen alot of really bad looking, "hey what about this for an alternate jersey" pictures that look like the've been done by 3 year olds, so i did the same colors a little more profesionally




i know the color schemes may look bad to some people, but i just couldn't look at the crayon drawings anymore! any coments?

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First one- looks like a college football jersey and kinda like the jersey campbell has on in my sig.

Second one- black, gold and white dont really look good together

Third one- looks like the old chiefs alternate jersey, but i like it. I wouldnt be mad if the team wore that jersey in a home game sometime in the future.

Good work man. :point2sky

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Great job with all three jerseys. They look much better than the horrible images other people were posting.

1st- Too much gold

2nd- Black, gold, white Isn't that the Steelers colors?

3rd- Looks really awesome. If we add another jersey I hope it's that one.

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:( PLEASE NO MORE BLACK JERSEYS!!! What do you want to see more rappers wearing redskin jerseys?? Maybe if they look gangsta enough, a few gangs will start rocking our black jerseys? I've had enough....our colors are BURGUNDY AND GOLD.

I be seein sum of my young bloodz in the burgundy skins jersey jus fo' da blood effect

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