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Your Pre- Free Agency/ Pre- Draft thoughts on the 2006 Contenders?


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Washington- could be a superbowl contender but that depends on the QB play and who's at QB. The answer to the QB question will dictate how our season will go this fall.

Dallas- Parcells does well in Year 4- His Giants and Pats team made it to the superbowl. He didn't make it to year 4 with the Jets. SO Boys will contend.

Eagles- I think the Eagles bounces back to being a playoff contender.

So I think the NFC EAST will be a 3 team race between Washington, Dallas and Philly. I think the Giants have some internal problems- especially with the coach and will fall back in 06 and hire a new coach in 07.

NFC North:

This is probably a 2 team race between Minnesota and Chicago.

NFC South:

Another 3 team race between the Panthers, Bucs and Falcons. The NFC Champion will come from either the NFC EAST or the NFC South.

Nfc West:

I think the Rams bounce back and challenge Seattle for the division. It will be a 2 team race between Seattle and St. Louis. Seattle won't be going 6-0 in the division again.


It should be a 2 team race between New England and Miami.

Afc North:

It should be a 2 team race again between Cincy and Pittsburgh.

Afc South:

It should be a 2 team race between Indy and Jacksonville. Indy lost their chance to go to the bowl. They will never be able to earn homefield again. Manning won't do good playing on the road in the playoffs.

Afc West:

3 team race between Denver, Kansas City and San Diego.

So my early, early SB 41 predictions:

If the Skins go, we would face New England or Kansas City.

If the Skins don't go, it would be Carolina or Dallas vs New England or Kansas City.

If the nfc, the surprise team - Arizona- can't think of any other loser that could in the nfc that could surprise. The NFC WEST is the best division for this to occur.

In the AFC, the surprise team- Noone. I don't think there's a losing team that could surprise and go into the playoffs.

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