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CDS 2006 Mock Draft had the redskins drafting....


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2nd Round Stanley McClover - DE from Auburn

Here are some info:

Class 2006

Height 603.0

Weight 260

Speed 4.54 (Unofficial)

Stanley McClover was one of the more highly ranked DEs in the country this past offseason, regardless of class. As a redshirt freshman in 2004, he burst onto the scene for the undefeated Tigers and garnered a lot of interest with his 7.5 sacks, 10 TFLs, and 4 forced fumbles. He suffered an ankle sprain early in the 2005 season and played through it, however his production really suffered for most of the season. It wasn't until the end of the season that he seemed right again, and was dominant against Alabama. Even with a slow start to the season, he rebounded very nicely and even improved upon his 2004 numbers in TFLs, sacks, and solo tackles (and that was with two less games played).

McClover is an undersized DE who possesses tremendous quickness and speed and can wreak havoc as an edge rusher. He also plays with good strength and leverage (it helps that he is 6' 3" and is generally going up against 6' 6"+ offensive tackles). He also is a sure tackler and can really stop the run. He plays with a lot of emotion and has a great motor.

McClover really relies on his athleticism as a pass rusher and will need to develop his technique for the next level, but he is still learning the nuances of the game. If McClover can add a bit more bulk to his frame without sacrificing his signature quickness and speed, he'll be a hot commodity at the 2006 NFL Draft and could hear his name as early as the second round. He is a powerful, muscular player, but has a slender upper frame that could hold some more muscle weight.

3Rd Round Greg Lee

Class 2006

Height 602.0

Weight 198

Speed 4.50 (Unofficial)

Greg is by far the best receiver in this conference. He has become almost as productive as former Pitt great Larry Fitzgerald, and may end up being as highly-rated a a pro propsect as the Arizona Cardinal's solid 3rd-year performer. Greg is only a junior, but we are including him in the 2006 NFL draft database because he had expressed an interest to our writer early in the '05 season in declaring early. He did not have the type of exemplary year that he needed in '05 to maximize his draft position, however, so it would behoove Greg to return for his final season of eligibility. Greg has all the tools...great size, a super burst, great separation moves, toughness. He is as tough as Fitzgerald already, and if Pitt QB Tyler Palko continues his impressive development he could threaten some of Larry's records. He is without a doubt the type of guy who will step in at the next level (whenever he declares) and make an immediate impact. Should go in the first round of the 2007 draft if he returns, or in the 2-3rd round area of the 2006 draft if he comes out early. With great pro day workout numbers he might even slip into the tail end of the first round in a weak WR class this year, but that is far from a sure thing.

I personally like both of these draft picks. I dont know too much about the DE from Auburn but from what i've read about him he seems like someone we could use. I've watched Greg Lee and few times this past year and he has impressed me. What do you guys think about these picks.

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Stanley McClover


Here's scout.com profile on him


He's not listed as one of the top 5 players at his position per Kiper.


Here is a scouting report on him


Position: DE/LB Number: 75

School: Auburn Height: 6'3

Status: Junior Weight: 255

* This is a player at the defensive end position that should consider a change to the linebacker spot

* From his defensive end position he brings a consistent pass rush off the edge, who is alert to plays all over the field, active & consistently in motion, and is very good in pursuit of the ball, one reason I feel his position change should be considered is due to his lack of bulk & resistance against the run

* With a possible change to the outside linebacker position he could flourish in open space, at using his athletic ability, freeing him up to run down plays more often, he already posses good pursuit to the ball and this would do nothing but enhance his skill level, also on known passing downs he could be used as a rush linebacker / defensive end, with his past history as a defensive end, his versatility brings more of an advantage to the defense

* The one question that would have to be answered when it comes to the linebacker position would be whether he will be a outside or inside linebacker, his flexibility in his hips laterally will be the key to the decision, that decision would take further evaluation of me watching more game film on this player, the less lateral movement he posses the larger possibility I would recommend the inside linebacker spot

* Update (01-05-06) Auburn junior defensive end Stanley McClover will skip his senior season and enter the 2006 NFL Draft. The 6-foot-3, 260-pound McClover played in 11 games for the Tigers this season and led the team with 13 1/2 tackles for loss and eight sacks. He was 12th on the team with 31 tackles. "After careful thoughts and prayers, I have decided to forgo my senior season at Auburn to pursue my dream of a career in the NFL," McClover said. "I returned home following the bowl game and had long talks with my parents and prayed a lot about my future. I also received the coaches' input and weighed that into my decision. I feel like this is the right opportunity for me to take my game to the next level." McClover played in 24 games during his Auburn career tallying 66 tackles, 23 1/2 tackles for loss and 15 1/2 sacks.

Last Updated: Jan-25-2006

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It def. will be interesting to see who we pick up in free agency. Stanley McClover is listed at 255-260 right now but its not like he cant gain 10 pounds in the NFL, and still have that speed we would like our DE to have in order to create some pass rush. To be honest I havent even seen too many mock drafts with McClover being drafted in the 2nd Round. Maybe we could get him later in the draft.

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If we went with drafting a DE, I would want a 100% DE. This kid is under sized and could play LB. I would like a beast on the outside.

agreed. We might draft this kid or a similar player to play OLB. Always need depth there.

As for the Auburn thing, they are guessing on their end mainly cos we drafted 2 players from there in the 1st round last year.

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I like these two prospects although you have to worry about whether McClover is a tweener or not. And you have to like Greg Lee's production and that high average per reception.

However, like many rookie WR's, he might not be that great his rookie year. Yeah, I know about Boldin in his rookie year, but he was an exception to the general rule. :D

The more I think about it, I can't see Greg Lee going in the bottom of the 3rd round with those stats. He's at least a 2nd rounder if he runs a fast forty at the combine.

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McClover would be a project under this system. He's much more of a edge speed rusher and didn't do a lot of taking on blockers. Think late 90's FSU speed rushers (Wadsworth, Boulware, Wilson, etc.) that just try to run around the corner and leave the business of taking on blockers to the LBs and DTs.

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